Maples on the Fence Line

I am primarily an "impressionist" photographer. What I see through the view finder is translated differently in my mind. The challenge is to manifest the translation during post-production editing. I work exclusively with natural light photography for all subject matter, be it nature, street life, or people. I prefer photographing people in their natural mode, non-posed, as opposed to studio environments. This is especially true of children. Spontaneous awe, wonder, and curiosity cannot be fabricated. It just happens.My digital art flows from layers of technique involving photography, digital painting, and imagination.

All photography and artwork contained in this site are my original work, except photography on my personal page. Those photographs give credit to the respective photographer. None of my Images displayed in this or any location are Public Domain material. All images are copyright protected © Rob Taylor, 2004 – 2014. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying, distributing and/or selling any image without prior written consent from Rob Taylor is strictly prohibited and subject to any and all legal recourse.

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